About Peter John Interiors


PeterJohn is a proud family run business with over 40 years of experience and knowledge after being established in 1975 by brothers Peter and John. 

Specialising in all things interiors, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products and a first class service for all of our customers, existing or new. With a wide range of products and services including blinds, shutters, wallpapers, fabrics and much more you can be sure to gain advice and key information from any of our staff.

We have two showrooms located in Aylesbury and Berkhamsted filled with large displays and a range of curtains, soft furnishing products and a huge collection of the finest fabrics from the world’s most respected names.

Every member of the PeterJohn team is experienced, knowledgeable and very interested in making sure you make the right decisions for your home. No matter the size of the project we endeavour to make it as stress-free and easy as possible.


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Peter John Blind Range

  • Venetian Blinds

    Perfect for light control and privacy, Venetian blinds are suited to any room and window. With endless possibilities, it really does make this blind so versatile. The very latest extensive range of Venetian blinds are available in a selection of slat sizes including 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 70mm. Whether you are suited to wood or metal, a variety of modern designs and finishes are available at PeterJohn. With decorative perforations and patterns, and of course a huge range of colours you can find the ideal blind for window or door. With various control options, we now offer cordless systems, electric operation and the traditional cord operation with child safety cleat hooks and breakaway cord connectors.   CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.
  • Roller Blinds

    The roller blind offers you a simple yet effective form of shading, privacy and design to enhance any window. The Luxaflex® roller blinds collection offers you an extensive choice of top quality fabrics, ranging from solid colours to patterns in sheer, transparent and blackout shades. With well thought through designs, there is a blind to suit any room in the house. Fabrics include UV protection, flame retardant properties and can be made from recycled PET. The Luxaflex roller blinds are treated with DustBlock® which helps repel dirt and moisture making it an easy process to clean your blinds. All of our roller blinds are made to measure for a perfect fit. Every roller blinds features child safe systems including motorised systems, LiteRise®, softraise, nano, crank operation, chain tensioner. CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.
  • Duette Blinds

    A blind to cover all window sizes and shapes, the Duette blind offers great versatility in the options available. Duette® Shades feature a unique honeycomb construction. The still layer in the cell works like an insulating blanket, making the Duette® Shades highly energy efficient. Now available with different transparencies and blackout fabrics this blind is suited to any room. The beautiful pleat pattern which comes in three different sizes can be suited to a specific window size. The SmartCord® and LiteRise® operating systems provide optimal comfort and are safe for children and pets. Powerview® motorised systems is increasingly popular which a revolutionary system for easy operation. With huge variations in stacking options, visit our showrooms to see them in action. Whether you want the blind stacked at the top, the bottom or in the middle to block out that annoying bit of sunshine, at PeterJohn we can find the right solution for you. CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.
  • Plisse Blinds

    A crisp, single pleated blind that offers a practical, modern style perfect for conservatories. In a range of colours and styles, including elegant patterns, and rich, appealing textured weaves, Luxaflex Plisse blinds can transform a room. Heat reflective Topar® coatings are available for enhanced sun protection making Plissé an ideal solution for conservatories. Versatile and highly decorative, Plissé Shades are a perfect for any window size or shape. Our Plissé Shades feature Child Safe systems including LiteRise®, motorised systems, chain tensioner and cord cleat. With 20mm pleats they can be fitted within standard glazing bars to give a neat, flush finish. CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.



  • Full Height Shutters

    The most common style of shutter we supply and install. Full height shutters are single panels that run from the bottom of your window or door recess to the top. Single panel widths are determined by the material chosen at consultation stage and to ensure your shutter installation looks fantastic, multiple panels are hinged together to cover the full window width. The addition of a mid-rail (privacy bar) provides additional strength to larger shutter panels and divides the controllable louvres into a top and bottom section. This is the perfect solution for on-street privacy, by closing the eye-level section you get split-privacy, keeping nosey neighbours at bay, whilst enjoying the light through the top panels. CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.
  • Tier on Tier

    Our Tier-on-Tier shutter installation will provide a similar look to our Full Height shutters. However, with Tier-on-Tier shutters, you effectively have two Full Height shutter panels, placed one above the other. Both top and bottom panels can be opened independently and louvre sets operated separately. This allows you to convert your shutters into a Café Style installation by opening the top panels fully and leaving the bottom panels in place for privacy. You should note though that if like most consumers you leave your shutter panels shut and only operate the louvres then you actually restrict light ingress as the top rail of one set of shutter and the bottom rail of the other cannot be adjusted like a louvre. CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.
  • Bay Windows

    Catering for 3, 5 and 7 sided bays our internal Plantation Shutters provide a perfect and modern solution to what is considered a quintessential British window style. We have a comprehensive range of high-quality bay frames including a 90° and 135° version and should your bay not match a stock bay frame our custom bay frame will always ensure a perfect fit and look.     CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.
  • Café Style Shutters

    Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. This style of shutter generally covers half the height of your windows, providing privacy at eye-level. They look very chic and can be combined with a curtain or blind to ensure complete privacy when required. CLICK TO DISCUSS YOUR PROJECTWe'd be delighted to answer your questions.