Taking a fresh approach to home design with London Design Week in 2022

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PeterJohn Interiors paid a visit to LDW 2022

It’s no secret that London Design Week boasts some of the most exciting brand names and new trends that flood our industry. Homeowners and designers from all over flock to LDW in the hope that they will see exciting new palettes, inspirational interior designs and celebratory new home designers in their element. Hosted annually, this event (held at the beautiful Chelsea Harbour this year) is always packed with designers and home design enthusiasts and this year was no different. 

PeterJohn Interiors travelled to Chelsea Harbour this week to look at what you can expect for home design trends in 2022, and we were not disappointed. We have put together the ultimate guide to show you the design encounters we had at LDW and how you can incorporate these fresh new trends into your home this season and throughout the rest of the year. 

Abstract wallpapers and poetic prints in your home design 

Wallpaper is making a popular come back in many homes across the UK. With its ability to change a room completely, statement wallpaper pieces are truly a fashionable piece to include in your home design. From the designers we saw at LDW, statement wallpaper is only set to increase, and these designs bring a creative abstract quality to the forefront. Softer silhouettes are encouraged in wallpaper design this year to bring large scale abstract murals into your room.

Using these beautiful wallpapers means you negate the need for many pieces of artwork – great if you are opting for a minimalist feel – as your abstract wallpaper offers beautiful art across your wall. Our trusted suppliers Villa Nova were showcasing a range of their beautiful wallpaper products. View the latest Villa Nova collection in our local showrooms.

Morris&Co block printing wallpaper designs

An amazing stand we were excited to see at LDW 2022 was the live block printing of wallpaper from Morris&Co – going back to the originality of how their wallpapers were created. William Morris, who directed the company during the 1800’s, was an outstanding designer and an incredibly influential figure during the 19th century. The live block painting was a true salute to the original designer and showed a beautiful history of the evolution of wallpaper printing and the traditional methods that Morris&Co are still proud of today.

Not only were Morris&Co showing the traditional wallpaper printing but they were also showcasing their newly launched paint range which includes recyclable paint pots Morris&Co are encouraging their customers to turn into candles. A great showcase of 40 colours – all named after the inspiration William Morris himself took – with environmental support. 

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Statement wallpapers were a thing of beauty around the Chelsea Harbour exhibition with features including jungle prints by Cole& Son’s Afrika Kingdom, stripes, checks and ginghams with a particular focus on Colefax and Jane Churchill and detailed crewel embroidery from GP+J Baker, Osborne and Little and Romo sister brand Zinc Textiles.

Mood boarding your ideas will never go out of fashion

Mood boards are without a doubt a tried and tested way of letting creativity flow seamlessly. Simply put, a mood board is a college of snapshots, fabrics, magazine cuttings, colours and ideas that you place on a board, in a notebook or even on an online template. Creating a mood board is a perfect way of putting your favourite home design collections together before starting to work on rooms within your home. A mood board can have a theme flowing throughout, or it can be a jumble of your favourite pieces to help you in planning your design. 

The benefits of using a mood board: 

Visualisation – being able to visual your ideas and designs before you have made purchases or started your home design project can be very beneficial. The last thing you want to do is start redecorating and then realise that your favourite pieces or colours clash horribly.

Conception to creation – Follow your designs from the first mood board item you collect to the time where you put it in place. Being able to make your mood board come to life can be very satisfying and give you a sense of achievement. 

Let your creativity flow – Let your inner creativity come to life when you work with your mood board. Be as creative as you can. Think of your mood board as your internal palette right in front of you. 

Add and remove – Your ideas will change as you learn more about what you like and dont like. One of the main benefits of creating a mood board is that it isn’t set in stone. You can add or remove your pieces as you wish.

Learn your style – Creating a mood board isn’t just about trying to design your room in the best way. You can also learn a lot about your own style by your mood board collections. Do you prefer a minimalist style or an abstract room? Learn your style with your mood board collection.

Home design

Morris&Co ran a very successful mood boarding workshop on Fresh Maximalism led by Morris Stylists Emma Henderson and Emma Cole. Morris&Co’s latest collection with Ben Pentreath the bring traditional designs the are well known for but with a contemporary touch of vivid classic colours to give home design in 2022 the fresh look it is clamouring for.

Bespoke upholstery that makes your home design unique

There is often nothing better than coming into a room and noticing the beautiful detailing in furniture that has been carefully placed to invite you into the space. Home design for upholstery in 2022 is no different and a big feature of LDW was bespoke upholstery and cleverly crafted seating that makes the most of the space you have whilst being a beautifully detailed piece. 

Tub chairs with detailing included piping or studs featured competitively throughout the exhibition and using details to finish the furniture rather than choosing loud fabrics is definitely a hot trend. Keeping your furniture plain and in keeping with the window coverings you have chosen for the room is great for this season. Focus on the details of your furniture such as the finish or the feel of the textiles. Let your furniture speak for itself in a detailed yet understated way that doesn’t detract from the beauty of the rest of your room. 

Home design

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Take a fresh approach to your home design with PeterJohn Interiors in 2022

PeterJohn Interiors had such an exciting time at the London Design Week. Seeing our trusted and reputable suppliers showcasing their amazing products was great and spending time investigating the latest in home design trends gave us a brilliant insight into what we can expect for the rest of this year in interior design. Without a doubt, we can tell our readers to expect elegant, pretty and upbeat textiles and design themes that incorporate playful pastels and soft silhouettes to bring a fresh and dazzling approach to your home design. 

As a family-run team of experts in interior design, PeterJohn Interiors are here to work with you and your home design ideas in 2022. Give us a call to discuss our products, visit our showrooms in Aylesbury or Berkhamstead or book a meeting with our fabulous interior consultant Sarah to get the best for your home in 2022. We look forward to discussing your ideas with you soon. 

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