Combining a modern and traditional interior design service

Behind every high-quality interior design service, the store is an in-house design consultant with extensive experience, up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends as well as the classic and traditional styles, and a flare for tailoring every project into an individual work of art. 

For PeterJohn Interiors, that in-house design consultant is Sarah, who has been working with us for 40 years as of 2022. During this time, Sarah has built some incredible relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, but most importantly, a huge amount of clients who return year after year to work with her.  

As an interior design store, it is important that we are always up to date with the latest collections and trends from our range of suppliers and the industry as a whole. We regularly update our pattern books and samples, and those that become out of date are donated to a worthy cause. 

PeterJohn Interiors are proud to have one of the largest pattern book collections in the country. The journey for our clients starts in one of our showrooms, where any member of the team can help and advise you to start looking at the perfect fabrics and wallpapers using the books we have available. 

This year has seen some amazing design trends already, and there really is something for every home. Today’s trends seem to be at both ends of the scale. Either power designs in vibrant colours or muted plains to give an elegant understated feel. 

The silky, crushed velvets have been upstaged by linen, wool and more textured fabrics. Wave headings are very current, and floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall curtains are incredibly effective. This can often leave our clients feeling a little confused about the look they would like to create, which is where Sarah can jump in! Sarah’s design style is very varied. 

She loves nothing better than working with traditional fabrics and design styles. Classics are never tiring! A modern, contemporary, clean-lined look can be great fun.

Supporting clients with their tailored interior design service ideas

Sarah’s interior design service journey started in the days when they would coordinate and didn’t need much imagination. From the curtains to the wallpaper and everything in between – everything matched! Today, the use of colours and mixing fabric types and designs to create a room set is far more imaginative and satisfying. 

Every room Sarah helps to design is unique to our clients and their personalities. No two spaces are the same, and this gives her a lot of scope to work with our clients.

At PeterJohn Interiors, it’s important to us that each client feels valued and listened to. All our clients can expect to feel important and will always be included in every aspect of the design journey. Sarah and the team will always listen to the client’s remit of what they are wanting to achieve with their interior design service, and we are not afraid to give advice or add ideas. 

As an in-house design consultant, Sarah will be a part of your journey from selection to completion. She still gets very excited about new design ideas and is always enthusiastic, which hopefully our clients can see.

At PeterJohn, we have two beautiful showrooms that we always recommend clients visit prior to making an appointment for our interior design service. It’s good for clients to take a look at some of the books, fabrics and wallpapers we have available. 

Not only will this help to spark and create ideas, but it will help to understand the journey you are on and the direction you would like to go in. Once Sarah gains some knowledge and understanding of design preferences, she can start to work with clients on a design scheme for your homes.

Interior design services we provide at PeterJohn Interiors

Sarah has a love of putting design ideas together and usually has extra fabric choices and alternative ideas to hand if needed. Sarah doesn’t do mood boards and works well with clients face to face, where she may be inspired to pull out different fabrics or wallpapers. 

Sarah discusses all items from curtains, wallpapers, curtain poles etc. She will go into great detail about the makeup and installation of products and will always be very honest with all our clients.

From beautiful barn conversions to glass mansions and wonky cottages to mid-terraced homes, Sarah has worked with a huge variety of clients on various interior design service projects and aims to provide something for everyone at PeterJohn. 

The budgets she works with are varied, and she often gets just as excited working on smaller projects with limited funds and large projects! No matter the size of the budget or project, Sarah is the in-house design consultant who will support you through your journey to create a beautiful home.