Accessories To Finish Your Space

Accessories play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of any interior space, and our collection is designed to cater to diverse tastes and requirements. Our range includes various accessories that are perfect for adding those final, defining touches to your room sets, ensuring that every element of your space is harmonised and appealing.

One of our key offerings includes a versatile selection of poles and tracks. Understanding that functionality is as important as style, we provide options that cater to different operational needs. Whether you prefer the simplicity of manual operation, the convenience of a corded system, or the sophistication of motorised tracks, our range has something to suit your specific requirements. 

Our collection features a variety of tiebacks in different colours and styles. These tiebacks are designed to complement your curtains, adding a touch of elegance and cohesion to your room. Whether you’re looking for something bold to make a statement or something subtle to blend seamlessly with your existing decor, our selection offers ample choices.

Our customisation service allows you to create unique cushions that perfectly match or contrast with your curtains. By using the same fabrics, you can achieve a coordinated look that ties the room together beautifully. To add a bit of flair, we offer the option of accenting these cushions with playful trims, bringing a personal touch to your space. This service not only enhances the visual appeal of your room but also allows for a personalised expression of style.