Child Safety

Bespoke blinds can be the perfect solution to providing privacy in your child’s bedroom. However, it’s imperative that the blinds you have chosen confirm child safety regulations. Your bespoke blinds shop, PeterJohn Interiors, is proud to say that every blind we supply and fit will always conform to the highest safety standards. Our range of cordless blinds and electronic operations is becoming increasingly popular. Combining cost-effective prices with modern technology, these bespoke blind choices are a great solution to giving your child protection from natural light and privacy from passersby. Check out our motorised Powerview range here


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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice if you are looking for a simple but effective form of privacy and shade from the glaring sun. The fabrics used at your bespoke blinds shop include UV protection and flame-retardant properties to keep your home safe at all times. Our fabrics can also be made from recycled PET, ensuring you have the perfect balance between design and comfort. Our blinds are easy to clean and can be treated with DustBlock®, which helps to repel dirt and moisture. Choose from a range of cassette options, and decorative bottom bars are also available. 

Silhouette Blinds

Silhouette blinds are a beautiful addition to any home looking for privacy whilst enjoying natural light. Using soft rotating fabric vanes that are suspended between two sheer fabric layers, Silhouette blinds from your bespoke blinds shop give you the best of both worlds whilst providing a great feature area for your windows. Benefit from soft, filtered light when your blinds are open and complete privacy when your blinds are closed. Vane sizes are between 50mm and 75mm, and all our silhouette blinds offer an elegant and contemporary style. 

Twist Blinds

If you are looking to gain complete control over your privacy levels, twist blinds could be the ideal solution. Featuring two sliding layers of fabric, choose from some privacy during the day to ultimate privacy during the evening and overnight. Twist blinds are considered to be the contemporary evolution from the roller blind. ClearView fabrics are available to filter through the sun rays whilst keeping as much of your view as possible. The perfect blind for all-year-round usage. 

Metal Venetian Blinds

If you are working in a particularly humid room, metal Venetian blinds could help to support and reduce your humidity levels. These blind choices are durable and slatted, offering versatility with a uniform appearance to suit every window in your home. Make your metal Venetian blinds completely unique with decorative perforations and patterns, and choose from 16/25/35/50/70 slat sizes that are available from your bespoke blinds shop. 

Pirouette Blinds

Pirouette blinds are great if you are looking for a window covering that helps to filter and disperse natural light in your home. Ideal for rooms that are in direct sunlight for most of the day, these blind choices will help reduce the glare that comes in through your window. UV filtering technology built into the smart sheers helps to protect your furniture and flooring from fading in the sunlight, and pirouette blinds are available in petite and grande vane sizes to match your window surround. 

Plisse Blinds

Do you have a conservatory that could benefit from some shade throughout the day? Plisse blinds are crisp, single-pleated blinds that offer a practical modern style, perfect for conservatories and rooms facing the afternoon sun glare. benefit from heat reflective Topar® coatings that are available for those looking for enhanced sun protection. 20mm pleat sizes are available from your bespoke blinds shop. The manoeuvrability of the Plisse blinds means you have complete control of the natural light throughout the day. 

Duette Blinds

Duette blinds are increasing in popularity thanks to their high energy efficiency. Using a unique honeycomb construction, Duette blinds offer great versatility in stacking options, and their choice of transparency and room-darkening fabrics offer you privacy when you need it most. When you choose Duette blinds, your windows will become a feature in your home, perfect for areas where you entertain or spend a lot of time. Your bespoke blinds shop offers a variety of pleat sizes, available in 25mm/32mm/64mm. 

Sonnette Blinds

For a more traditional look in your home, sonnette blinds use the roller concept but are crafted with two layers of fabric, using a cellular design. This means you can still benefit from the traditional feel whilst adding an effective energy-efficient layer that insulates your home and supports your energy bills. The unique design of sonnette blinds adds a softer touch to your window, perfect for smaller rooms where you need your blinds to mould seamlessly into the background and not be imposing on your space. 

Vertical Blinds

Do you have large windows and doors in your home that need the added addition of a blind? It can be a challenge to find the perfect blinds that fit oversized doors and windows, but not when you work with your bespoke blinds shop. Vertical blinds are perfect for large windows and doors. They offer a variety of choices in transparency, cane widths and materials, including aluminium, PVC and textile fabrics. With 50/70/89 louvre sizes available, cover your large windows and doors effectively with vertical blinds. 

Roman Blinds

Are you looking for a soft alternative to your window dressings without compromising on your quality, privacy and light control? Roman blinds are a great choice for any home, and thanks to the endless fabric choices available, they can be perfectly coordinated with existing window coverings, such as curtains, for additional privacy. The addition of a blackout lining and interlining can also be used to help with privacy and insulation, giving you and your windows the best of both worlds. 

Wood Venetian Blinds

Similar to their metal counterparts, wood Venetian blinds continue to allow natural light to filter into your home without the continual glare that comes from the midday sun. Wood Venetian blinds are available in faux and hardwood, with a wide range of colours and finishes. Choose from 50/63mm slat sizes to find the most appropriate window covering for your rooms. 

Powerview Motorisation

Are you searching for blinds that can complement your smart home? PowerView motorised blinds give you a wide range of ways to control your blinds, through a pebble remote, smartphone, tablet and even your smart home device. The user-friendly system allows you to have your blind preferences set up automatically to give you the best from privacy, light filtering and ambience all at your convenience. This blind choice is also perfect for those hard-to-reach windows! 

Our Suppliers


Established over 60 years ago, Luxaflex has grown into one of the biggest blind suppliers globally. Providing high quality and innovative products to help the consumer with all their window dressing needs.

From starting out with Venetian blinds, Luxaflex has expanded its range with numerous other products, which have proved extremely popular for their aesthetic and practicality.

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S -Craft

In partnership with the world’s largest and most advanced shutter manufacturer in China, S: Craft has excelled in providing high-quality shutters to the UK market.

Best known for their shutter blinds, S: Craft has now also branched out into providing a wider range of blinds, including Wood Venetians, Roller Blinds and Pleated Blinds. Offering the customer a wide choice of fabrics with the option of having colours personalized to their liking through using digital printing.

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Lonsdale is a local blind supplier based in St Albans who have been manufacturing blinds for over 40 years. Offering a wide selection of blinds with numerous fabric choices, all made to a high standard with child safety operations in mind.

Lonsdale specialises in offering an excellent service where they can laminate customers’ own fabrics into roller blinds. This service offers a greater range for our customers to choose from and means they can have coordinated blinds to match their curtain fabric.

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Clarke and clarke

Clarke and Clarke recently began to manufacture made-to-measure roller blinds after having such success with their fabric collections. Offering not only an extensive variety of fabric choices but also the option to have the blind in different fabric qualities dependent on its situation, for example, water-resistant fabric for if the customer wants a Bathroom blind.

Clarke and Clarke’s range of roller blinds is a great addition to the market providing fantastic fabrics, including their collaboration collection with Emma J Shipley, at affordable prices.

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Working for over 70 years, Velux is known best for its skylight windows and blinds. They offer a broad selection of blinds to provide solutions to customer’s needs for light filtering and insulation. Creating a perfect fit for their specialised windows, Velux blinds are the top choice for practicality.

Easy to price for, each Velux window will have a code on it, so there is no need for a measure appointment. Simply choose a fabric and operation, and we can provide a quotation on request. Feel free to pop into the store and pick up a brochure today!

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