Choosing beautiful awnings for your home in 2022


Make the most of your outdoor space with awnings

Everyone loves to spend time outdoors. Fresh air, the smell of flowers, the sounds of birds and water. These things can be found outside, and spending time outside can be very relaxing. However, many things can take away from enjoying your outdoor space. Sitting in the glaring sun all day with no real protection can not only stop you from enjoying the summer sunshine but could make you quite unwell. 

Awnings are one of the best ways to help you enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather. If you are a fan of the rain but you’re not so keen on getting wet, an awning installation will protect you from the weather, leaving you free to enjoy the smell of rain and the fresh air from your dry patio.

This month, PeterJohn Interiors examine the many benefits of garden shades, including the wide variety of designs you can choose from and how PeterJohn are Markilux trained. When you decide to get your awning installed by PeterJohn Interiors, you know that our expert installation team have been trained by the very best. 


The benefits of installing awnings in your garden 

Not only can a patio awning increase your garden privacy levels, but it can also increase the value of your home. If you are currently weighing up the benefits of having an awning installed in your garden, check out our top 5 benefits below to see how your awning could support your home in more ways than one. 

Protection from the weather

Whilst the UK isn’t known for its beautiful year-round sunny weather, we can get quite a bit of sunshine during the summer months that leave us wanting to be outside all day. Whether you are relaxing on the patio with a good book or your children are playing in the paddling pool, you are going to need some form of protection that blocks harmful sun rays, keeps you feeling well and able to enjoy the summer sun throughout the day. 

Having an awning installed is an excellent way of giving you and your family the protection you need to enjoy the sun! Not only do they protect you from the sunny weather, but you can also enjoy the rain close up when you have an awning over your head. Protect your furniture and yourself from the rain but still enjoy the fresh air and the cooling temperatures when standing under your patio. 

Extend your indoor/outdoor living space

Creating a seamless indoor/outdoor living space is at the top of most homeowners’ ideas list in 2022. Being able to keep your back doors open throughout the day and into the evening is excellent, and with an awning, you will be able to keep the warmth in your home whilst still feeling the benefits of a light breeze coming through the doors. 

Entertain your guests in the evening

One thing we love about summer is hosting our guests for dinner and drinks. Get the BBQ going and gather around the fire pit under your beautiful awning! When you have a patio shade, your guests can enjoy your garden long into the evening as they will be sheltered from the slightly chillier weather, and you will be able to keep your back doors open to have that indoor/outdoor feel. Add lights to your retractable awnings to brighten your space and give it a sense of style.  

Control over your indoor temperature

Awnings can help protect you from the heat of the sun. They can also reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in your home. If your home benefits from the sun all day, you may find that it stays uncomfortably hot in the evening, meaning you have to open windows and doors to let the heat out. 

These shades are a great alternative to costly air conditioning units and will protect your home from the glaring sunlight, meaning you won’t be struggling to release some of the heat from your home in the evening. With optional extras including heaters, you can even sit out in your garden when the weather gets a little chillier!

Increase the value of your home  

Lastly, having an awning installed over your patio could significantly increase the value of your home if and when you come to sell it. You may be surprised at how much your home value could increase by when you add a beautiful awning as an addition to your garden. Keep your awning in excellent condition and ensure that if it is electronically retractable, this continues to work in perfect order. 

With wind sensors that can be attached to your awning, stay one step ahead of the weather changes at home! The expert team at PeterJohn Interiors can support you with keeping your awning in great working conditions. 


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PeterJohn Interiors will help you find the perfect awnings in 2022

Markilux is a world-renowned company based in Germany. They have been designing, supplying and installing high-quality awnings for over 50 years and their attention to detail makes them stand apart from their competitors. PeterJohn Interiors are proud to have had first-hand training with Markilux in their German offices. We can supply and install only the best quality patio shades for our clients in Buckinghamshire and throughout the Home Counties. 

PeterJohn Interiors is a leading design provider across Buckinghamshire, the Home Counties and Hertfordshire. With our expert help, you can choose from a range of the latest designs and colours to bring your home to life in 2022. When you choose to purchase awnings with PeterJohn Interiors, you will benefit from a huge £250.00 off until 30th April 2022.

We’re experts in our field and will help you find the perfect garden additions for your home. We offer high-quality products, and all our designs are made and tested to last. With our range of products, no matter what you choose, you can ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Contact PeterJohn Interiors today or visit our showrooms to find the awning that will help you enjoy the sun all summer long.