Scion Wallpaper

Scion's Unique Design Philosophy

Welcome to the vibrant and inspiring world of Scion Wallpaper, offered by PeterJohn Interiors. Scion, a proudly British brand, is renowned for its playful and modern designs that add a touch of joy to everyday living. Embracing Scandinavian influences, Scion’s wallpaper collection showcases bold motifs and dynamic colours, creating contemporary and uplifting designs suitable for various interior spaces.

Scion’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of Scandinavian style, focusing on clean lines and simplicity. The brand’s wallpapers range from statement geometrics to delicate sketchbook aesthetics, providing an array of choices for different tastes and interior themes. The iconic Mr. Fox mascot and friends Spike and Pedro Penguin feature prominently in many designs, adding a whimsical and charming touch to the collections. This blend of playful characters with contemporary patterns makes Scion wallpapers stand out in the interior design market.

PeterJohn Interiors: Your Gateway to Scion Wallpaper

Scion’s wallpaper collection is carefully crafted by a team of talented designers based in Leicestershire, who specialise in hand-drawn designs and playful prints. Each wallpaper is a testament to their expertise in colour and passion for print, ensuring that every design looks beautiful and brings happiness and positivity into your space. Scion’s wallpapers include statement designs alongside the beloved Mr. Fox and his friends, popping up on various accessories, including rugs, cushions, blinds, and headboards.

PeterJohn Interiors, located in Aylesbury and Berkhamsted, is your ideal destination for Scion wallpapers. Offering an extensive range of wallpaper designs, PeterJohn Interiors showcases a broad spectrum of Scion’s collection. Whether you want a bold feature wallpaper or something more understated, their collection includes feature papers, small designs, plains, and textures to suit every preference. Their showrooms provide an immersive experience with an array of wallpaper sample books for clients to explore, making the selection process enjoyable and straightforward.

Sustainability and Diversity Commitment

Scion is dedicated to creating stunning designs and is committed to sustainability and diversity. As part of the Sanderson Design Group, Scion stands in solidarity against racism and for equality for all, having joined the Design for Diversity pledge in 2019. Moreover, their sustainability strategy, ‘Live Beautiful,’ focuses on leading the interior industry in transforming how products are designed, manufactured, and distributed, emphasising reducing environmental impact.

The Perfect Addition to Contemporary Homes

The Scandinavian-inspired designs of Scion, available at PeterJohn Interiors, are perfect for contemporary homes looking to inject life and character into their spaces. The bright abstract and animal prints are ideal for creating a playful yet sophisticated environment. PeterJohn Interiors’ expert staff are always available to offer advice and help you narrow down choices to find the perfect wallpaper that aligns with your design vision.

In conclusion, Scion Wallpaper, offered through PeterJohn Interiors, presents a unique opportunity to bring playful, contemporary, and environmentally conscious designs into your home. Their commitment to diversity, sustainability, and impeccable design makes Scion a distinguished choice for any interior design.