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Japandi design trends to give your home the Nordic feel 

Japandi design is an intriguing fusion of Japanese and Scandanavian design principles that creates a unique blend of two different approaches to minimalism and efficiency. While people are often familiar with the more minimalist approach to design, they may not want somewhere that feels like a show home or a trendy office space. Japandi design offers a happy medium between the two, resulting in a home that is both stylish and comfortable.

The Nordic style of design incorporates cool metal, straight lines, and basic colour schemes but with an added sense of cosiness that comes from a desire for warmth in the home (known as “hygge”). Alternatively, the Japanese style of design uses materials such as rattan and bamboo. Wallpapers such as Ink Blossom wall murals and Takeda cherry blossoms can add extra distinct elements while also allowing for a little shabby chic with distressed wooden furniture (this also pairs well with Grattage, a form of Japandi shabby chic wallpaper.)

There are three main colour palettes that provide a room with a feeling of relaxation and peace. These include Inner Earth (dark and light brown with white), Calm Forest (dark and light grey with white), and Natural Nude (dark grey, light grey, and white with an additional dark reddish brown). The light colours in each of these examples create a sense of tranquillity, while the darker colours provide some contrast to prevent the overall look from being too dull.

These design trends are all about low-maintenance minimalism with a little personality. You can have stylish furniture and colour contrasts that stand out without making a room feel cramped or cluttered. This is perfect for people who want a stylish home without having to put in a lot of work.

Natural material design trends work with sustainability 

Sustainability is set to continue its popularity throughout homes in the UK, and it’s not surprising as we all become more aware of the impact our design trends have on the environment. Sustainability and natural materials go hand in hand from our gardens to our bedrooms, and more often, we are finding the use of recycled materials, natural wood and the use of indoor plants. Natural materials don’t just mean the products we can find in our environment, however. Man-made elements, including vegan leather, will continue to be popular as we move away from animal-based products in 2023. 

Not only does using natural materials support the environment, but they could also have a positive impact on our mental and physical health. Incorporating oxygen-producing plants into our design schemes will help to purify our air, making us feel better. using natural wood in our homes can help with producing a calming effect which lowers our blood pressure, reduces negative thinking and anxiety and could even positively impact depressive moods. 

Making use of natural light will also be a focal point for design trends in 2023. Natural light can make rooms feel brighter and bigger. If you are limited on layout changes, big mirrors and reflective surfaces will help to enhance the light in your room. If you are able to add in extra windows or skylights, then the sky really is your limit! 

Modern maximalism design trends that ooze personal style

Maximalism is defined as more… more patterning, bigger colours, lots of accessories and tons of artwork. This design trend has been found throughout the ages, from patterned wallpaper combined with bold window coverings to bold colours with statement pieces throughout a space. The idea of maximalism is still very popular in homes across the UK, but as we move into 2023, this design trend is set to get a modern makeover. 

Your interior design plan should be reflective of you and your personality. A chance for you to become expressive in your home interior whilst still having a practical space. This year, we expect bold colour schemes and beautiful wallpaper to be still very popular, but this may be mixed with silhouette features and sculptures rather than layers of artwork and clashing colours. We often turn to layers in our homes, whether on the mantlepiece or on our walls, to create a dramatic and beautiful effect as we walk into a room. This trend, combined with height and textures, is a great way to finish your space. 

Whilst we have previously relied upon books and specific sculptures to finish our rooms, we may find that designers move further towards special pieces that resonate and provoke emotion rather than choosing accessories to ‘fill a gap’. 

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What can we expect from 2023 interior design trends?

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In the field of interior design, trends are always changing. Whether you are looking for a new look for your living room or are planning on remodelling the kitchen, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends. The best way to do this is to hire a professional interior designer. An experienced designer can help you create a stylish and functional space that fits your personality and lifestyle.

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