Choosing the perfect paint for your home interior


Interior Design feature walls for your home 

2022 has been all about creating the perfect feature wall in your home, so we have focused on giving you as much information as possible, so you know how to create the perfect look in your home. From paint to bespoke wallpapers, your interior design options really are endless. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular elements of a feature wall. 

At PeterJohn Interiors, we work with some incredible designers and suppliers who all have their own unique take on wallpapers and the perfect feature wall. In our showrooms, you will be immersed in beautiful designs, so we want to give you our top collections to look out for when deciding on the wallpaper to use.

Cole & Son – One of our favourite designers is Cole & Son. Very well known throughout the interior design teams across the UK and beyond, this team is a market leader in high-quality feature wallpaper. 

Emma Shipley | a collaboration with Clarke & Clarke – If you are looking for an elaborate and popular animal feature wallpaper, look no further than the collaboration project with Emma Shipley and Clarke & Clarke. Matthew Williamson – a collaboration with Osborne and Little

Matthew Williamson | collab with Osborne and Little  – With Matthew Williamson being known for his kaleidoscopic colours and Osborne and Little known for their fresh prints and versatility, the collaboration between the two was a match made in heaven. 

Harlequin – Book of Little Treasures

Are you worried that a feature wall may be too bold for your child’s bedroom? Think again when you look at the Book of Little Treasures by Harlequin. This fabulous collection has every design you could ever need for a child’s room, from bright and bold hot air balloons to menageries of every animal and designs featuring different types of transport in primary colours. Picking the perfect wallpaper for your child’s bedroom just got much harder with this collection!

Take your time to sample your choices

Make sure to sample any paint colour you’re considering before committing to it. When you’re dedicating gallons of paint and hours to your project, you need to get the colour right on the first try. To avoid making a mistake, take the time to look at paint samples first so that you can compare and contrast colours until you find the perfect one. Not doing this step can lead to regret later on, especially when you see that there are stacks of returned paint cans at the back of the store from people who made the same mistake. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, calculate how much paint you’ll need ahead of time so that there’s no waste.

Making your colour flow

Flowing paint colours throughout your home is a great way to make it appear more spacious, as well as create a relaxing vibe. To get the most stunning results, choose a neutral paint colour as your signature hue and use different accent colours in each room. You can either keep the flooring similar throughout the rooms or use moulding to tie everything together.

Neutral colours could be the answer

Just because you choose neutral paint colours doesn’t mean they have to be laid-back. You can rev up your neutral colour palette by being creative with how the colours are used. A striped wall in neutral colours adds tons of style but still keeps the room looking relaxed. Neutral wall colour with a pastel ceiling is a sneaky way to add colour without losing the soothing vibe of the space.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Incorporating shades that you would typically find in nature is a popular way to choose a colour scheme for your home. Whether you go for a rich green or the calmer blues found in the ocean, exterior-inspired colour schemes are usually associated with relaxation. Always test paint colours in different light settings and at different times throughout the day so that you can get an accurate idea of how it will look in your space. Also, be sure to try it out with the window treatments, both open and closed.

Try variations of your chosen colour

Sometimes all you need is a small change to find the perfect interior paint colour. Instead of giving up on your original paint colour choice too soon, try a lighter or darker shade of that same hue. Many paint colours come in various shades on a paint strip, but you can also ask your local paint store to adjust it by adding more light or darkness.

We had so much fun at London Design Week 

PeterJohn Interiors travelled to Chelsea Harbour earlier in the year to look at what you can expect for home design trends in 2022, and we were not disappointed. We gave you the ultimate interior design guide to show you the design encounters we had at LDW and how you can incorporate these fresh new trends into your home this season and throughout the rest of the year.

Wallpaper is making a popular comeback in many homes across the UK. With its ability to change a room completely, statement wallpaper pieces are a truly fashionable piece to include in your home design. From the designers we saw at LDW, statement wallpaper is only set to increase, and these designs bring a creative abstract quality to the forefront. Softer silhouettes are encouraged in wallpaper design this year to bring large-scale abstract murals into your room.

Mood boards are, without a doubt, a tried and tested way of letting creativity flow seamlessly. Simply put, a mood board is a collage of snapshots, fabrics, magazine cuttings, colours and ideas that you place on a board, in a notebook or even on an online template. Creating a mood board is a perfect way of putting your favourite home design collections together before starting to work on rooms within your home. A mood board can have a theme flowing throughout, or it can be a jumble of your favourite pieces to help you in planning your design.

Everything you need to know about bespoke curtains

Buying anything that is bespoke and made just for you – such as custom curtains or blinds – is always going to be a much bigger investment than buying the readymade version, so why should we spend our pennies on bespoke curtains when we can buy the readymade? Well, there are so many reasons why it might be worth considering bespoke over readymade.

One of the biggest reasons is choice. We know that there are thousands of fabrics out there to choose from, and we can probably find one to match pretty much any colour scheme in your home. So, what do you think about choosing something like pale blue velvet or silk chiffon? Or maybe you fancy a rich red damask or even bold purple wool? Then, there are literally hundreds of different styles of curtains and blinds out there, including traditional designs, contemporary looks, modern minimalism, classic elegance, quirky fun and everything in between.

Finally, bespoke curtains offer a timeless appeal to your home. No matter how often you want to change the interior decoration, whether that’s colours, themes or furniture, it’s so easy to ensure your bespoke curtains continue to match. Your curtains are sure to stand the test of time and, if treated with care and attention, could last you upwards of 25-30 years.

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Merry Christmas from the team at PeterJohn Interiors

PeterJohn Interiors has had so much fun bringing you the latest in interior design and inspiration across 2022. With next year set to be even bigger for creating a beautiful home, we are already gearing up to bring you the latest in interior design trends and fashion choices for your home. Until January 2023, however, we would like to wish you wonderful Christmas and New Year from our family-run team!