Keep your home cosy this winter with bespoke curtains

bespoke curtains

Bespoke curtains are on trend for this autumn and winter

Those colder and darker evenings are definitely starting to settle into UK homes! Heating dials are being turned up, and slippers are being dug out from the recesses of our wardrobes. But how else can you keep your home feeling warm whilst still looking stylish this winter? Bespoke curtains are fast becoming the interior design choice for many homes, and now they are back in fashion across the UK; PeterJohn Interiors tells you why you should be considering bespoke curtains for your home in 2022. 

The beautiful benefits of bespoke curtains for your home 

Buying anything that is bespoke and made just for you – such as custom curtains or blinds – is always going to be a much bigger investment than buying the readymade version, so why should we spend our pennies on bespoke curtains when we can buy the readymade? Well, there are so many reasons why it might be worth considering bespoke over readymade. 

One of the biggest reasons is choice. We know that there are thousands of fabrics out there to choose from, and we can probably find one to match pretty much any colour scheme in your home. So, what do you think about choosing something like pale blue velvet or silk chiffon? Or maybe you fancy a rich red damask or even bold purple wool? Then, there are literally hundreds of different styles of curtains and blinds out there, including traditional designs, contemporary looks, modern minimalism, classic elegance, quirky fun and everything in between.

There are also plenty of options for those wanting to make sure their curtains and blinds look great and stand up to wear and tear. For example, you can choose from a huge variety of curtain heads and blinds, along with numerous lining options. They can be tailored to meet your needs perfectly, whether you want to keep things simple or add a little extra style.

Another reason why you might want to consider bespoke is that it gives us a real sense of pride. When we handpick each item ourselves, we are able to ensure that every single detail has been carefully considered and taken into account. This includes the type of thread used, the quality of materials, how long each piece takes to sew and the overall feel of the finished product. All of this adds up to a far greater level of care and attention to detail than simply picking something off the shelf.

Finally, bespoke curtains offer a timeless appeal to your home. No matter how often you want to change the interior decoration, whether that’s colours, themes or furniture, it’s so easy to ensure your bespoke curtains continue to match. Your curtains are sure to stand the test of time and, if treated with care and attention, could last you upwards of 25-30 years. 

Personalise your home with our bespoke curtains material choices

Curtains are one of the most important elements of decorating your home, offering both practicality and visual appeal. Whether it’s for privacy or style, there is a huge range of options available. You can choose from many different fabric types, including cotton, silk, velvet and linen. You can also select from a variety of different styles, such as plain, lined, pleated or ruffled.

There are many ways to make curtains even more unique. You can choose a colour scheme and pattern to complement your existing furniture or opt for something completely different. If you want to go bold and daring, why not try some vibrant stripes, flamboyant prints or eye-catching geometric shapes? Or perhaps you prefer subtlety and elegance, choosing a classic stripe or simple floral print. Whatever your preference, you can find everything here.

PeterJohn Interiors’ top fabric choices for bespoke curtains

Sanderson – If you are looking for beautiful florals and elements of nature in your bespoke curtains, we recommend looking further into the Sanderson range. Founded in 1860, Sanderson is known for their beautiful and traditional fabric prints. 

Osborne & Little – Osborne & Little is a great choice for a more contemporary home. Featuring designs incorporating botanical elements and animals, Osborne & Little also collaborate with well-known designers, including Matthew Williamson. 

Colefax and Fowler – Finishing off your beautiful cottage-style home with some bespoke curtains? Colefax and Fowler are sure to pull your interior decoration together. Nothing offers more in the way of design and comfort than their intricate embroidery and traditional floral designs. 

You can create your own bespoke curtains with the support of PeterJohn Interiors. Simply book an appointment with our in-house design consultant Sarah, or visit us in-store to take a look at our sample books, and we will take care of the rest. We will provide expert advice, a huge variety of sample books and full fitting service. Don’t forget – once you’ve found your perfect curtains, keep them looking good for longer with our Handy Care Guide.

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Work with PeterJohn Interiors to design your bespoke curtains

If you are looking for something that offers your home comfort, style and warmth this winter, bespoke curtains could be the perfect solution for you. PeterJohn Interiors has been working with clients on their interior design projects since 1975, remaining a family-run business with local roots throughout this time. 

For the latest in interior design trends, unique fabric and wallpaper offerings and beautiful paint colours and accessories, look no further than PeterJohn Interiors. Get in touch to book an appointment with a member of the team today.