Creating the perfect feature wall in your home in 2022

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Where should you create a feature wall in your home?

Creating a feature wall in your home using wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to make a beautiful impact in any room in your home. Bold, stylish and colourful feature walls will draw your visitor’s eye to the space immediately and can offer the perfect piece to an otherwise blank canvas. Whilst statement wallpapers can be more expensive, you are not just purchasing a wallpaper but a beautiful piece of art that will remain timeless. But how do you know which wall to create your statement, and does a feature wall work in every room?

The feature wall trend began in the early 2000s and doesn’t seem to be disappearing soon. Using a pop of colour to open and brighten your space works really well, and the benefit of a feature wall is that it can be adapted to every room. Traditionally, a feature wall was used in cloakrooms or downstairs bathrooms – often rooms with limited space where homeowners tried to make the rooms seem more significant and inviting. However, you will now find feature wallpaper in living rooms, behind the headboards in bedrooms and across the home as a stylish way of decorating. 

Feature wall collections you need to keep an eye on 

At PeterJohn Interiors, we work with some incredible designers and suppliers who all have their own unique take on wallpapers and the perfect feature wall. In our showrooms, you will be immersed in beautiful designs, so we want to give you our top collections to look out for when deciding on the wallpaper to use. 

Cole & Son

One of our favourite designers is Cole & Son. Very well known throughout the interior design teams across the UK and beyond, this team is a market leader in high-quality feature wallpaper. Their quirky designs are available in a fabulous array of colours which takes inspiration from the jungle depths of South Africa, with vibrant patterns and detailed landscapes. Take a look at their latest collection, Ardmore-Jabula, to get inspired. 

Emma Shipley – a collaboration with Clarke & Clarke

If you are looking for an elaborate and popular animal feature wallpaper, look no further than the collaboration project with Emma Shipley and Clarke & Clarke. The launch of their Wilderie and Animalia designs has been incredibly popular. The inspiration for these beautiful wallpaper designs was originally from pencilled drawings Emma completed herself after trips to the Amazon, Africa and the Far East. 

Matthew Williamson – a collaboration with Osborne and Little

With Matthew Williamson being known for his kaleidoscopic colours and Osborne and Little known for their fresh prints and versatility, the collaboration between the two was a match made in heaven. Featuring bold geometric designs, bright pops of colour and intricate detail from various inspirational pieces. If you are looking for a classic home design, we suggest looking at this beautiful collaboration. 

Harlequin – Book of Little Treasures

Are you worried that a feature wall may be too bold for your child’s bedroom? Think again when you look at the Book of Little Treasures by Harlequin. This fabulous collection has every design you could ever need for a child’s room, from bright and bold hot air balloons to menageries of every animal and designs featuring different types of transport in primary colours. Picking the perfect wallpaper for your child’s bedroom just got much harder with this collection!

Wall murals are most definitely back in fashion

If you are looking for a feature wall that isn’t as bright or bold in design, you may wish to consider opting for a mural instead. A mural works like a wallpaper in the sense that you use decorative paper to cover your wall, but they often use digital images to capture a scene, animal or setting rather than geometric patterns or prints to form your artwork. 

A wall mural is the perfect contemporary addition to add to your home. You can customise your mural so it fits perfectly in your chosen room, and with the endless options for design, the sky is the limit! 

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Creating your feature wall with PeterJohn Interiors

Whether you need help choosing the perfect feature wallpaper or you are looking to purchase your selected piece, PeterJohn Interiors is here to support you. Pay a visit to our showrooms, look at our sample books and order your chosen product. If you need more time to decide, why not take our sample books home with you or have some samples ordered directly to your house? We can order your wallpaper in-store or over the phone. Delivery can take between 2-3 days for the products that are in stock, and we can even supply you with the best adhesive. 

If you are worried about how to decorate the rest of your room now you have your feature wall chosen, we are here to help. Many brands now have fabric collections to match their wallpapers so that you can style your room more simply. Why not pick out some of the colours from your wallpaper design to coordinate your room accessories, such as cushions? PeterJohn Interiors are here to support you and will even help you colour match in-store so you can find the perfect paint to coordinate. 

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