Creating a sustainable future with eco wallpaper for your home

eco wallpaper

The interior design industry is moving towards a sustainable future

Did you know that over 8 million tonnes of single-use plastics end up in our oceans yearly? From plastic bottles to straws and plastic bags to packaging, this waste is responsible for the current epidemic with our marine animals. The interior design industry may not be the first thing you think of when you picture those businesses trying to support our environment. Still, hundreds of companies within the industry are making the move towards a more sustainable future with eco wallpaper and environmentally-friendly fabrics. 

This month, PeterJohn Interiors takes a look at just some of the ways you will start to see the change in design products, and if you move forward with this movement, not only will you be supporting the environment, but you will end up with a beautiful looking home full of your favourite designs. 

Eco wallpaper for the environmentally conscious 

Eco wallpaper is defined by the way it is produced. The raw materials it contains, how it is created, and the inks used to bring the colours to life. You would be forgiven for not making the link between eco wallpapers and plastic bottles. But, as more consumers become aware of environmental concerns and attach importance to having sustainable, pollution-free wallpapers, designers are continuing to find innovative ways to invite sustainability into the interior design world. 

Some examples of our favourite eco wallpaper

Cole & Son x Stella McCartney 

The latest to the Cole & Son collection features Stella McCartney’s Fungi Forest toile de Jouy print. This eco wallpaper has been printed on 79% renewable fibres and uses 30% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional wallpapers. This is the most sustainable wallpaper to date from Cole & Son and is currently available to pre-order before its launch date later in July. 

View the Fungi Forest collection here

Morris & Co Paint Range

If you are not keen on adding wallpaper to your home but still wish to opt for an environmentally friendly alternative, why not consider the Morris & Co paint range? Designed, created and manufactured in the UK, this paint range is mindful of travel footprint. Morris & Co are conscious of their impact on the environment, and both paint types have minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels. Their palette is safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful! 

View Morris & Co’s paint range here

Choosing eco-friendly fabrics for your home

Historically, environmentally friendly fabrics have been stiff, unyielding and generally unattractive in colour and style. With the future of eco-friendly interior design heading towards a more sustainable route, innovative thinking and new technologies have allowed this industry to create luxurious soft-touch fabrics that are both environmentally conscious and beautiful in style and colour. These fabrics hang beautifully for curtains, work well with upholstery projects and could finish off your unique cushion covers perfectly. 

Clarke and Clarke

Clarke and Clarke are leading in the development and production of eco-friendly fabrics. Approximately 1 metre of their sustainable fabric saves around 90 plastic bottles from heading to a landfill or the ocean. The beautiful array of fabric patterns, colours and styles will take your breath away, and their quality is not compromised because of their original material. PeterJohn has a great Clarke & Clarke sample book available in our showroom for you to look through. 

At PeterJohn, we understand that when you are redecorating your home, you are looking for plush fabrics and materials you can cherish for years to come. That’s why we as a business ensure that we only work with high-quality designers who provide the best products for our clients. Our in-house seamstress has a huge amount of experience working with fabrics and, using the best materials available, will create products for you such as curtains, that can often last up to 20 years. Buying ready-made fabric products will often lead to you having to replace them more often, costing you more financially and wasting your precious time. 

Prestigious textiles 

Prestigious Textiles are currently on a mission to save as many plastic bottles from landfill as possible. Just 1lb of the materials they create from recycled plastic bottles can save ten bottles from going to landfill, which would take around 450 years to decompose. Choose from beautiful eco wallpapers to long-lasting fabrics from your home with Prestigious Textiles. Visit the PeterJohn showroom to take a look at the sample book for Prestigious Textiles.

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PeterJohn provides high-quality interior design products

For over 40 years, we have been proud to provide our clients with beautiful high-quality interior design products that help them create a unique home they can be proud of. Alongside the fabrics, materials and wallpapers we stock in our showroom, the cut-offs from our in-house seamstress and interior designer are never put in the waste pile. We believe in using every part of the materials we have, and this includes creating bulk bags for clients to purchase for arts and crafts. Older sample books are also donated to charities and schools to help with beautiful projects, including the ones below from A Little Street Kitchen in Amersham, featuring a piece of artwork created by our leftover materials and Willen Hospice’s needle book creations.

eco fabrics

If you are looking to decorate your home and are conscious of choosing products that will support your love of the environment, pay a visit to our showroom today or give our team a call – we would love to help you with your interior design