Fall colours to embrace in your home during autumn 2022

fall colours

How to embrace the fall colours in your home 

It’s autumn time once again when the outdoors starts to change colour, nights are drawing in, and we start to think about all the cosy things we can do at home to stay warm and comfortable. Leaves are falling from the trees; warm colours are definitely making a quick comeback, and pumpkins are a popular decoration. So how do we embrace the fall colours in our home, and what should we choose to create a truly autumnal feeling whilst still feeling warm and cosy?

There are so many ways we can bring fall colours into our home, whether we are looking for a temporary change or if we love the colours and wish to make them a more permanent feature. If you are looking to change up your interior, our in-house design consultant Sarah has over 40 years of experience working with clients on their projects. Choose from a variety of paints or wallpapers, and pick your favourite fabrics for upholstery and bespoke curtains. Embrace autumn and create a beautiful, cosy atmosphere with oranges, rustic browns and earthy colours. 

5 ways to incorporate fall colours into your home 

If you are looking for a more temporary change in your home to celebrate the autumn months, check out our top five ways to bring the fall colours into your home this year. 

Choose some beautiful pillow covers 

Nothing says a change in season than getting new pillow covers! A great way to make a statement in your home without the change is permanent; the colours and designs are often endless when it comes to pillow covers. If you would like to create your own pillow covers, why not take a look at some of the fabric choices PeterJohn has available?

Get the autumn scents going throughout your house 

Autumn isn’t just about colours but about smells and scents as well. This is the season when spiced pumpkin, apple and cinnamon-based scents suddenly become popular choices for homes throughout the UK. Get yourself some reusable diffusers or plug in scents and notice the subtle change of summer to autumn in your home over the next couple of days.  

Bring some of the outside, in 

If you are lucky to live near a wood, or you have a great back garden, you may wish to consider collecting some dried twigs and foliage to create an autumnal scene in your home. Find a beautiful glass vase and artfully decorate it with dried foliage and twigs to bring the outside into your home. 

Create a wreath using dried leaves and flowers

We all love to add a wreath on our doors during seasonal pastimes, and during the lockdown, this became popular as a year-round thing to do. Collect your favourite coloured dried leaves, some berries, conkers and acorns to take home and create your very own wreath that you can hang in your home or on your front door. 

Get to work on those pumpkins early

Who says pumpkins are just for Halloween? Why not start collecting your pumpkins early and make a feature of them during the autumn months? Whether you stack them decoratively on your front door step or you show them off in your bay window, pumpkins are the perfect addition to any autumn collection. 

Fall colours that are on trend in 2022

It is true that autumn colours in nature don’t often change, so if you are thinking of changing up your home interior for colours that are in during the fall season, you will be creating a timeless look in your home that is sure to last a lifetime. Take a look at these fall colours and where best to place them in your home: 

Oranges and rusts – these classic colours of autumn are perfect for added decoration in your home. Cushions, blankets and smaller accents bring out the detail of the room. As they are bold colours, we would avoid using them for main colour points such as walls or floors. 

Earthy browns – floors and wooden furniture are the perfect addition to any fall home in an earthy brown colour. Bringing the outside in, in the most natural way, browns look great as a backdrop to other more vibrant colours. 

Greens – a colour that seems to be in throughout every industry this year, green choices work exceptionally well with copper finishes and vibrant accessories. Be bold and choose green for your furniture or curtains and bring some plants into your space. 

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PeterJohn Interiors ensure you stay up to date with design trends

For the latest in fall colours, design trends and how to make your home work well for you, we recommend booking an appointment with our in-house design consultant Sarah. With over 40 years of experience working in the interior design industry, Sarah is no stranger to trying something new and working with the unique ideas and requests of her clients. 

Be bold this year and embrace the fall colours we all love to see every time autumn rolls around. If you would like to know more about the fabrics, wallpaper and accessories we have available, why not pop into our Aylesbury or Berkhamsted store and take a look at our sample books?